Residential Security: Lock Options for External Doors

28 October 2015
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The exterior doors in your home will affect the level of security in your home. Therefore, it is crucial to identify and install resilient high-quality products that are hard to break and pick-proof. Basically, you should consider replacing the door locks after moving into a new house or apartment. It is also prudent to commission periodic assessment of your existing locks by a locksmith, such as those at Ameen's Locksmith. If they are out-dated and vulnerable to manipulation, you should install stronger alternatives. Here are the main locks that you should evaluate when choosing replacement locks.

Deadbolt Lock

The deadbolt lock provides high levels of security, so it is a popular choice for homeowners. The term 'dead' is used because the lock can only be operated manually using a key or at least a thumb turn from within the house. The lock is designed to secure the door by allowing the bolt to extend into the door frame. This lock is hard to pry open or even damage by using body impact. You can choose a single cylinder lock which requires operation with a key only from outside. The double cylinder lock must be operated with a key from outside and inside, which ensures tight security.

Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is secure, and it can be installed in commercial buildings. It is an ideal choice for your residential exterior doors, because it can be used on steel, wooden and even glass doors. Generally, a mortise lock is designed as a rectangular-shaped box that is installed into the door from its outer edge. In addition, the lock is purchased with faceplates that hold the keyholes and the potential door handle. The internal locking mechanism consists of a pin tumbler configuration. This is ideal, because you can rekey the lock if you lose a copy of your keys instead of replacing the lock again. Additionally, you can purchase a mortise lock for right or left-handed operation.

Keyless Lock

If you want an advanced locking system, you should consider choosing keyless locks. These are ideal for your home because they limit the risk of lockouts through loss of keys. The rekeying process is easy and does not require expertise, so you will save on locksmith expenses. In addition, you will not need to make numerous duplicate keys if you have a large family. You can choose a lock that with a digital keypad which requires an identification code or even a biometric fingerprint alternative. These are expensive to purchase and install, but you will enjoy better security and long-term service.