How to Add Style to Your Home With Matte Black Door Handles and Accessories

29 October 2015
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Matte black door handles and other accessories can add style to your home no matter its overall décor, and swapping out your current brass handles for matte black choices can instantly update your space while still keeping it looking classic and inviting. If you've never thought of matte black door handles and other accessories for your home, note a few tips on how to add style to every room with this simple choice.

1. Go oversized

Because matte black is such a classic and neutral color choice, you can go oversized with your door handles and add instant style. Rather than just a standard doorknob, choose a large bar handle for your inside doors. You can also choose a matching oversized back or plate to the matte black doorknob for added visual appeal. In a home with a modern décor, choose a door handle in a plain square design and opt for one that is very wide. If you want a more traditional look, choose a bar with a scrolled design or other fancy details. Choosing large, oversized door handles gives your home a very unique look and you can choose this size with a matte black metal.

2. Add color

If you want a very fun look for your home, paint your door a fun color and then add the matte black door handle. The matte black goes with any décor and any shade, so you can opt for an apple green bedroom door or a dark red door to the bathroom and then use matte black door handles in all areas of the home to keep your décor cohesive. You can also put a simple color block behind the door handle itself for an even softer touch that still allows you a bold splash of color.

3. Add matte black accessories

Matte black metal is a great choice for frames around mirrors, as candlestick holders, for accessories in the bathroom such as your wastebasket and toothbrush holder, and as picture frames. To make your décor seem very cohesive and to allow other colors to stand out, choose matte black accessories to match your new door handles. In the hallway, hang a mirror framed in a matte black metal, or add some matte black candlesticks to the living room coffee table. This will make all your accessories coordinate and, in turn, your door handles will look their best and your home will have a finished, designer touch to it.

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