Factors To Consider When Choosing The Location Of Your Safe

3 November 2015
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Whether it is for your home or your business, a safe is quite an investment. In fact, as long as nothing happens to it, you could have it literally for the rest of your life. Choosing the right kind of safe and the right location to install it is, therefore, quite an important decision and is certainly one that you should take under professional advisement. There are few things you need to consider when choosing the location of your safes.


What you put in your safe will determine where you should put your safe. If you are keeping items that you need regularly, then it should be close to the point of use for convenience purposes. For instance, if you are keeping jewelry, then it should be in your dressing room or bedroom. If you are keeping a gun, you should have the safe in or near your bedroom in case of an emergency. In fact, small pistol safes can be bolted under the bed or inside a closet.

Alternatively, if the items are not regularly used, then the safe should be out of the way like in a remote closet, attic, basement or garage.

Type of safe

There are different kinds of safes, and the type will determine their best location on your premises. For instance, floor safes are designed to be installed into a slab, so they are better suited for the garage, ground floor or basement of your premises.

On the other hand, wall safes are designed to be discreet and blend into your premises unnoticed. They could be installed behind a painting or picture, inside a false wall or in the back wall of a closet or bookshelf. Since the intention here is to be discrete, you should discuss this with your locksmith to see which locations on your premises are most discrete.

Weight of the safe

How heavy your safe is will determine where in your premises' structure it can fit securely. Lighter safes, i.e. 1,000lbs or less, can be taken to the second floor if the size allows it. Safes weighing over 1,000lbs should remain on the ground floor, basement or garage.

You will need to consult an expert to match your safe to the construction layout and structure of your premises, especially if you have a raised foundation or you have post tension cables.

It is important to consult an expert every step of the way, from selection of the safe based on the contents to the location and installation process.