Smart locks | Why you really need them

30 November 2015
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The door lock has been around for generations, serving the basic need of protecting property from destruction and theft. Over the years, these locks have been undergoing tremendous evolution, which boosts their security and convenience. But one amazing creation that has befallen man thanks to technology is the rise of smart locks. These locks work by wirelessly sending digital codes from your smartphone to unlock the door.

 If you're looking to up your security and convenience, then these locks should be at the top of your list. Here are some the reasons why these smart locks are going widespread.

Create access for different users

One fascinating use of these smart locks is that it allows different users to use it. You can grant your family and friends their own access codes so that you don't have to walk all the way to the door to unlock it for them. Additionally, you'll be able to track down who opened which door and at what time. That way, you can easily keep track of who gets into your house, which is a good tool to find out if your teenagers arrived home in time.

Once you feel that someone is no longer welcomed in your home, you could simply delete their access code.

Compatibility and user friendliness

Getting a smart lock doesn't mean you'll have to alter your security system. These locks seamlessly integrate with your automation system and further boost the security of your home. That makes it more user friendly. You can choose to integrate either your lights or thermostats. For instance, you could decide to automatically turn on specific lights once you unlock a certain door.

In addition, these systems offer immediate feedback as you work your way around their touchscreen interface. That way you won't have to keep referring to the manual.

Extra security

Well for starters, smart locks are pick proof. Considering the rise of smart criminals that are experts in picking locks, this is a huge plus. There's no keyhole, so burglars can't bump the lock or break it.

In addition, the communication between the phone and smart lock is in 128-bit encryption; the kind of security encryption you'd find in online banking transactions. So even if someone is able to intercept the code, it'll take military grade hacking knowledge and resources to crack it.

The good thing about these locks is that they can also operate wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you'd still get through your door when the internet is down. They are also battery operated and will continue operating after a blackout. For more information, contact a locksmith.