How To Remove A Broken Key From A Lock

1 March 2016
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There is nothing more frustrating than fighting with a lock in an attempt to remove a broken key.  The moment a key breaks inside a lock, you may feel like you have no other choice but to seek the services of a locksmith. That is only true if you have no idea on how you can get the key out. You can actually get the key out with the help of some simple tools. The following tips explain how you can easily remove a broken key from a lock.

Removing The Key Using Pliers

Using pliers to remove the key is the easiest. Grab your needle-nose pliers and use its tip to extract the key. But the method works best if there is enough portion of the key sticking out.

If there is no part of the key sticking out, try to use a flathead screwdriver to get it out before using your needle-nose pliers. Get a small screwdriver that fits well into the keyhole and try to meddle with the key's position. When it comes out, remove it with your pliers.

Removing The Key Using A Saw Blade

Another trick you may try is to remove the key using a saw blade. If no part of the key is protruding out, this procedure may save you lots of money. Begin by spraying or applying a lubricant in the keyway of the lock. The key will slip out easily if the keyway is wet. A dry hole makes the job difficult.

Then insert your saw blade into the keyhole in such a way that its teeth can make contact with the broken key. Allow the teeth of the blade to bite the cuts of the key and give it a sharp tug once you feel there is enough contact between the blade and the cuts.

If the key is still inside the lock after trying these techniques, then contact an emergency locksmith.  But in the future, you can prevent your key from breaking off by applying a lock lubrication in your locks from time to time, say after every 6 months. You can also apply the lubricant whenever you feel there is too much friction when you are locking your doors. Another preventive measure is to have a replacement key made once you start to observe some wear on the key you are using. Get rid of the old key before it breaks off and start using the new one.