A guide to buying second hand safes

21 June 2017
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A good safe is a vital part of the security of your home or business. A quality safe can be a significant investment, however. If you want maximum security while still remaining conscious of your budget, you might consider purchasing a second-hand safe. 

Where to buy 

The idea of a second-hand safe might seem a little strange: after all, how do you know that the safe you're buying is really secure? As with any second-hand product, it all depends on the seller. Buying a second-hand safe from a private individual carries some risks with it. You can't be completely sure that the combination or locks have been changed, and you're likely to be giving the seller your address. Even if you know the seller personality, that represents a gap in your security. On the other hand, buying a second-hand safe from a reputable locksmith is a different proposition.

Refurbished safes

Although the safe you'll be buying is technically second-hand, the preferred term among locksmiths is refurbished or reconditioned. These safes have been restored to as-new condition, with a full inspection and maintenance. The locks will have been reset; in some cases, older safes may have their locks completely replaced with modern digital locks. A refurbished safe from a qualified locksmith is as reliable as a new model. 

Look for the seller's guarantee

To reflect this fact, a locksmith selling fully refurbished second-hand safes will typically offer a one-year warranty equivalent to the manufacturer's warranty on a new safe. This warranty is your sign that the safe is in the same condition as a new safe from the factory would be; if your locksmith doesn't offer it, ask why. 

Comparing refurbished and new safes

If a refurbished safe is just as good as a new one, then what's the difference between the two? Simply put: availability. Most locksmiths run through their stock of refurbished safes relatively quickly, and it isn't always possible to find exactly the model you want. When dealing with refurbished safes, sometimes you will find exactly what you're looking for, but other times you'll simply have to see which of the safes available best suits your needs. 

Whether you find exactly the safe you want or allow the available stock to inspire you, a second-hand safe is a sound investment in the security of your documents and valuables. Just remember to buy it completely refurbished from a reputable dealer like Askwith Company.