Dealing With Late Guest Arrivals: Try an Automatic Key Dispenser

2 August 2018
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If you run a small hotel, motel or guest house, then you may not have staff on site 24/7. While you may be able to deal with most of your work during the day, your guests won't always be able to stick to this schedule. Some guests will need to arrive during the evening or even at night, leaving you with the conundrum over how to check them in and give them their room keys. Installing an automatic key dispenser may help. How do these systems work and what are the advantages?

What Are Automatic Key Dispensers?

Automated key dispensers are like small safes. They are designed to hold sets of keys securely until someone enters an access code. So, for example, you can give late arrivals a code in advance and, when your guests arrive to check in, they simply tap in the code so that the dispenser releases the room keys to them.

What Are the Advantages of Automatic Key Dispensers?

From your perspective, automatic key dispensers simply make your job easier and potentially more cost effective. You don't have to come out after hours to check guests in; you also don't have to pay staff to be on site for late arrivals.

These kinds of dispensers also give you some key management security. People can only access keys with the code you provide, and the keys are safely locked away from anyone else. To complete the circle, you can also add a key drop box to your system if you like, so that guests can drop off their keys securely if they check out outside of your regular reception hours.

Key dispensers may also improve your guests' satisfaction levels. Your guests won't be constricted by having to arrive when you can be on site to check them in, and they'll have the flexibility to turn up when they want. Plus, you'll avoid those awkward situations when you can't be on time to meet arriving guests. For example, your guests won't have to wait around late at night to check-in if you get held up in traffic when you're due to meet them.

To find out more about the advantages of automatic key dispensers, have a chat with your local locksmith. Your locksmith may already stock, or can order, a range of dispensers that may take some of the strain out of dealing with your late guest arrivals.