Advantages of Keyed Alike Locks

20 February 2020
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Locks keyed alike are designed in such a way that you will only need one key to open both locks. Keying alike is commonly done on internal doors within a residential setting. This is the case for doors that open up to internal areas that do not need as much privacy, such as the kitchen, bathroom and pantry.

Having internal locks that are keyed alike can be advantageous in several ways, some of which are highlighted below.

A Smaller Set of Keys

One of the main advantages of keyed alike locks is the fact that you do not have to carry around a huge set of keys everywhere you go. A huge set of keys can be bulky and uncomfortable to have in your pocket all day long. Consider how many keys you already have to walk around with, such as your car keys, office keys, house keys and keys to a self-storage unit.

By opting for keyed alike locks on internal doors, you can significantly reduce the size of your set of keys. A smaller-sized set of keys is bound to be easier to walk around with.

Spare Keys

Keyed alike locks are also advantageous in the sense that they make it more affordable for you to make spare keys. Rather than having to make a spare key for every internal door lock, you will only need to make one spare key that can be used on all locks. It is possible to make more than one spare key for keyed alike locks. However, it is not an absolute necessity.

In The Event of Key Misplacement

Everyone has probably lost a key or a set of keys at one point or another. Replacing such keys will require you to hire the services of a professional locksmith, who will help to examine the lock configuration in a bid to fabricate replacement keys. The concept of keying locks alike means that the locksmith will only have to examine one lock, and the replacement key made for that lock will be suitable for use on the other locks that have been keyed alike.

You will end up spending less on a key replacement if your locks are keyed alike as compared to what you would spend on locks that are keyed differently.

For more information on keyed alike locks, be sure to get in touch with a professional mobile locksmith in your area.