Three Lesser-Known Reasons You Should Always Keep An Emergency Locksmiths Number In Your Phone

6 October 2021
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While most people will only ever think to call an emergency locksmith when they are locked out of their home or car, that is not the only service that these professionals offer. Far from it, in fact. They can open a lot more stubborn locks than those on your front door, but so many people forget this in the heat of the moment. Here are a few reasons, other than just to get into your home after a long night out, why you should keep an emergency locksmith's number in your phone at all times, whether it is your phone for work or for your own, private use.

Locked Filing Cabinets

Many companies still use old-school filing cabinets for a variety of documents. Some businesses are in the process of modernizing and simply haven't digitized everything yet, while other businesses consider physical paper a more reliable medium and have no intention to switch to cloud storage. Whatever the case, losing a key to a filing cabinet is a common occurrence, especially if it is an older one that hasn't had to be opened in years. An emergency locksmith can break open these locks with ease and without compromising the integrity of the documents inside.

Personal Safes

Maybe you have stumbled over an old safe your father used to keep and have no idea what the code is. Maybe you keep a safe yourself but for some reason cannot open it anymore. A lot of people resort to getting out a crowbar and trying to open their safes that way, but this can be quite damaging if there is something fragile inside, and there often is. Emergency locksmiths can get your safe open far quicker than you would be able to, and if time is of the essence, then this is not something you want to try to solve on your own!

Storage Facilities

If you have a self-storage unit, you most likely have a key that you keep with you to open it, but these can get misplaced if you haven't been to the physical location in years. Depending on the company you use, they may or may not have a spare key in their main office. Perhaps you chose your unit specifically because they didn't keep duplicate keys and now you are regretting it. An emergency locksmith can help get you into your stored belongings or perhaps even old company documents in a flash. 

Reach out to an emergency locksmith today.