Three Ways a Residential Locksmith Can Improve Accessibility for the Elderly

16 March 2022
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Multigenerational homes are quite popular in Australia today, thanks to the rise in property prices, dual careers and a desire for children to bond with grandparents. However, there is a myriad of accessibility issues in multigenerational homes because of the presence of senior citizens. Accessibility needs are quite different for the elderly. Luckily, a professional residential locksmith can make access easy for the elderly ones in your home. Read on to find out how.

Ergonomic Door Locks — For senior citizens, especially those living with arthritis, the simple task of opening or closing a door can be painful. Therefore, it makes little sense to have door locks on knobs because doorknobs require the elderly to turn their wrist as they open a door, which can be difficult for most. An experienced residential locksmith understands the issue and will replace all lock handles that the senior citizens in your life might find difficult to operate. For instance, a residential locksmith will swap knobs for entry levers. Notably, entry levers are gentle on the wrist and perfect for the elderly, and all they have to do is press down on the lever gently to open or close a door. Such services go a long way in preventing injuries at home and ensuring that the elderly are comfortable.

Install Front Door Key Safes — Although the elderly might perform some tasks, they may require assistance in bathing, dressing, medication and preparing meals. Unfortunately, some older adults find it difficult to get to the front door when a caregiver arrives. Others might not be comfortable opening the door for security reasons, especially if they suffer from mental issues such as Alzheimer's or dementia. A residential locksmith can install a key safe on your front door to allow caregivers access to the home when necessary. A caregiver only needs a one-time code to open the key safe.

Key with Large Bow — As mentioned earlier, lever locks are easier to turn for the elderly than knob locks. However, senior family members might still struggle to open a lever lock if they use keys with a small bow. The reason is that turning keys with a small bow is difficult, particularly for senior citizens suffering from hand joint problems. Fortunately, a residential locksmith can make key copies with a large bow for elderly loved ones. A large bow provides more leverage, making it easier for the elderly to turn.