Three Essential Steps to Follow after Losing Your Car Keys

21 November 2022
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The loss of car keys can cause frustration and panic due to the implications such as lost time, missed appointments and the cost of replacement. Therefore, if you have misplaced your keys, try to remain steady and calm and plan for a slow search of your home and workplace before taking other actions. If the keys are lost, contact a qualified auto locksmith to resolve the problem at your location. Here are essential guidelines for dealing with this stressful situation and getting back on the road.

Know Your Car Keys

You should verify the type of key your car uses before calling your auto locksmith. This precaution will ensure that the professional brings the appropriate tools to help you resolve the lockout. If you have an old car, the key is probably a simple mechanical one. The keys might be paired with a programmed fob to unlock the door. Switchblade keys combine the two elements for convenience. Transponder keys have an anti-theft chip to ensure the car can only be started with a valid key. If you have a modern car, the ignition might be keyless. The vehicle will start as long as the smart key is in proximity.

Understand the Options

If you know your car keys, you can choose the best auto locksmith services for your needs. The easiest keys to replace are mechanical ones because you can have a new one cut immediately. The process is simple, so a mobile locksmith can come to your location to cut the keys. Keep in mind that replacing an old key for certain outdated vehicles can be difficult. In this case, you might need to replace the entire lock cylinder in a repair shop. Key fobs and switchblade keys can also be programmed onsite by your locksmith. Transponder and smart keys are more complex and might require consulting with the vehicle dealership.

Provide Information

The process of unlocking vehicles and replacing car keys presents a significant risk to the public. Therefore, your auto locksmith will require information on the ownership before helping with the lockout. You should have the appropriate documentation or other verifiable information before calling your locksmith. The critical details include the registration, personal identification and vehicle identification number. Transponder and smart keys are highly regulated due to the advanced mode of function. These units cannot be cut, but you can purchase them from the vehicle dealership or liaise with the locksmith. The process will take time, so you might need to have the car towed. 

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